Things I’m thinking about…

I was sitting here catching up on my blog reading with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on in the background. I realized that I wasn’t really paying attention to what I was reading because random thoughts keep popping into my head. I decided to blog my thoughts:

Why do I have the parade on? I hate parades. When did Matt Lauer get so old and dorky looking? Why is Elmo so popular? That voice! Oscar is way better. I have to pee, but Boo is so happy curled up next to me.Those are the least enthusiastic cheerleaders I have ever seen.I don’t get the love for Mary Roach. WAIT! The dog show is on today! Hm. Wonder if the OHS will be have Black Friday Specials tomorrow? I need a coffee pot.I still can’t decide which one to get. Am I the only one who doesn’t care who Carly Simon wrote “Your So Vain” about? Do people actually like SpongeBob SquarePants? Wait. Why am I still watching the parade? The remote is way over there. Do we really need 500 recipes for mashed potatoes. For crying out loud. It is mashed potatoes. Hm. That Uncluttered book looks interesting. I wonder if it is just filled with stuff I already do? I’m not feeling the new Doctor. Seriously. When is Orphan Black coming back? I can’t stop watching Quantico even though it is HORRIBLE. Someone really needs to cut Trixie’s nails. OMG. People really make “designer” disposable containers for their guests to take leftovers home? I need to send that to Jocelyn. OH! Boo got up! I can pee!



I Can’t Hear What I’m Reading

I am a reader. I read a lot. Just look at my Goodreads list. To me, reading is looking at words. Interpreting them. Making up pictures & voices in your head.

But as a librarian, I understand that reading & reading styles can differ from one person to another. Just a few short years ago I couldn’t imagine reading books on an electronic device. Now, I get annoyed if I actually have to get a print copy of a book from the public library.

So, with this in mind, I headed into the wonderful world of audiobooks.

I started out with Z by Therese Anne Fowler. This was a book I was DYING to read, so I thought it would be a good choice. Hm. First of all, that narrator’s accent got on my last nerve. But I got past that, eventually. I continued to listen, but to also “re-read” the sections I had listened to in a print copy of the book. Hm. OK. That was fine.

My next foray into audiobooks was on a trip up to Olympia to see my friend Emily. I listened to The Bat by Joe Nesbo. I went to start it back up for the drive home and realized that I had no idea what happened in the first two hours of the book. Back to podcasts in the car.

Zoom Zoom

Is anyone as creeped out by those old (circa 1999) Mazda commercials as I am? The ones where the little voice whispers “Zoom Zoom” at the end? Over the years they have added a zippy song and a little boy whispering those aforementioned words, but they still haunt me…kinda like the static-y TV in Poltergeist.

So, when we started looking at replacements for my beloved Outback (“Outback you say?”), Mr. lbmblogs considered the Mazda CX5 as a real contender. I just couldn’t help but hear that Zoom Zoom voice in my head when ever I sat in it. As it turns out, though, it didn’t matter. I’m just a Subaru girl at heart.

We hit Wentworth Subaru in early April, expecting to leave with the 2014 of Mr. lbmblogs’ boring old white 2013 Crosstrek. We left with the “Plasma Green” hybrid! With a moonroof! I think it might actually be a sin to love an inanimate object this much, but driving to work in the am with the moonroof open, listening to my favorite podcasts or music, I arrive at work in a good mood. (I may not stay in a good mood, but that is for another post).13686575054_247bff42d5_o

What wine goes with cat spit?

Look at that devious face. Can't you just tell he's thinking, "I wonder if I can get to the pot roast before anyone notices?"

Look at that devious face. Can’t you just tell he’s thinking, “I wonder if I can get to the pot roast before anyone notices?”

So, if I said one of my pets had been counter-surfing, most of you would guess Ellie, yes? Well, you would be WRONG! The culprit is Boo! Nothing is safe. Muffins left to cool. Pizza waiting to be put in the oven. Casseroles. Vegetables. If it can’t be eaten, it becomes a toy. Blech.

Mostly, I just cut off the germ section, but a few weeks ago he decided to lick the cream cheese off the muffins I had made for a work meeting. That’s all I’m saying.

One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.*

Um. I really haven’t blogged in a while. Like, a long while. Months. Why, you ask? Would you believe I lost my password? The dog ate it? I left it in my other pants? I was distracted by the Kardashian/West wedding? My goldfish died? I got sucked into a Buffy marathon?

OK. You aren’t buying it, are you? (Although that last one was entirely possible, I admit.) Apparently, I started quick a few blog posts in January, but never finished them. Then a few in February. One in March. Then, that was it.

But now I’m back. And I’ve got stuff to say. Watch out!

( * Jack Kerouac, The Dharma Bums)

Fit(bit)s & Starts

Maybe I just need better inspiration? Like hedgehogs!

Maybe I just need better inspiration? Like hedgehogs!

I am out of shape. Between the no sleeping and the eating (did you know there is a link between sleep apnea and weight gain? There is.) I try to go to the gym and be more active, but after 1 1/2 hours of sleep, making myself get off the sofa is really hard!

I’m not really one to jump on technological trends without thinking a lot about whether or not I will actually use the item. I mean, I don’t do anything crazy like have multiple spreadsheets, (I have Mr. LBMBlogs do that for me) but I typically do a lot of research and think about the purchase for a few weeks at least.

A ton of people I know have Fitbits. I just assumed they were the latest hot gadget…all flash and no substance. I couldn’t imagine I would use it. Then I started doing research. Not only does the Fitbit keep track of steps and stairs, but it can also track sleep! Woohoo! I was sold!

I’ve been wearing the Fitbit everyday since Dec 21st. Syncing is pretty great. Logging food is easy…as is logging most activities (although I was disappointed that there is no activity for eating my weight in bacon). I read mixed reviews about the accuracy of the sleep efficiency, but for me it has been right on…from 35% to 53% (which is what my sleep tests results showed).

So, my only complaint is that I am just not active enough….although that is hardly the Fitbit’s fault. My plan is to wear it for a month & then at the end of the month look at my exercise/activity patterns & my food patterns and identify areas when I can make better choices. For example, instead of drinking a full beer and eating crackers & blue cheese/bacon dip for dinner last night, I drank HALF a beer and ate carrots with my dip instead of crackers. Go me.